Wednesday, September 28, 2022
The Vision and Mission of GENERATION REDIRECT




GENERATION REDIRECTTM is an geared at changing the trends that have negatively impacted minorities in our communities and put them on a path that instills pride in oneself, reiterates the importance and value of diversity, encourages the pursuit of education, and facilitates the advancement of one’s thinking to rise above the situations that are intended to attack our character and destroy our moral fiber. It will facilitate the collective efforts and will define comprehensive strategy executed by a consortium of Greek letter organizations, community outreach organizations, area churches, and community and political leadership under a common vision and mission.

GENERATION REDIRECTTM pivots around 4 core principles, which are: Family Dynamics, Science Technology Engineering Mathematics {STEM) Education and Mentorship, Workforce Skills Development, and Civic Engagement & Outreach; with each principle positioned to derive executable activities that are geared towards driving positive change within ourselves, our communities, and society in general.

The vision of GENERATION REDIRECTTM is to “Revitalize the fabric of the family and community with knowledge to produce opportunities to sustain life and impact society.” It simply, yet elegantly articulates the goal of this initiative and will galvanize our efforts to execute this vision with vigor and a strong sense of purpose.

The mission of GENERATION REDIRECTTM is “To make an indelible mark in minority communities through educating, transforming, and empowering young minority men and women through the institution of systems intended to re-establish and redirect their focus and outlook in society, to encourage the thirst for knowledge and divine understanding, to realize and embrace the value of diversity and respect for mankind, and to produce the next generation of community leaders to carry us into future generations.”

GENERATION REDIRECTTM defines the execution rhythm to impart the organizations that choose to participate and lays out key principles to adhere to in order to ensure consistency in the activities delivered and the impact merited.

Download our informational whitepaper that describes what GENERATION REDIRECTTM is and how your organization can get involved!